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        Werewolf on the Bayou (Real Audio   1.7 MB)

        Another Mule (Been Kickin' in Yo' Stall) (Real Audio   2.3 MB)

        Werewolf on the Bayou (MP3   1.7 MB)

        Another Mule (Been Kickin' in Yo' Stall) (MP3   2.3 MB)

I am a music lover and I keep a giant database of the thousands of CD's, LP's, and 45's I have in my collection. My musical tastes range from blues to reggae to rock to country. Here are some of my all time favorite musicians (in no particular order):

Good Songs

I keep a list of the Top Rock Songs of All Time and the Top Country Songs of All Time here on this website.  Both of these just kinda skim off the top 100 or so of each.  I actually keep a list of what I consider to be the top 1000 or so rock/pop/country/soul/blues songs of all time. This list just gives you a taste of what I think is damn fine music! Notice: this list doesn't contain any JAZZ, any CLASSICAL, or anything else I find offensive!!

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