The Grave of Sampson Brannen

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I have received directions to the grave of Sampson Brannen from two different folks:  Louise Marler of Bullock, Alabama and Randy Parker.  Both sets are presented below, along with some photos sent by Randy.  Here is Louise's original note to me:   


   Got this link from Ruth Harbison---Texas;you probably already know this, but I did not see it on your web page.  Sampson Brannen and wife Pricilla are buried just a short distance from Brannen's Old Stand in what the locals call The Brannen Cemetery. At this time there appears to be 5 graves; Sampson (looks like 1858 as time of death) Priscilla 1857 and Synthia Brannen Hudson 1829 death 25 Oct 1868.  Just thought I would pass this on to you.
                                                                                                         Louise Marler

She subsequently sent me the directions below.   As these directions begin at the Driskell Cemetery, click on the link to find how to get there first.

When you leave Driskell Cemetery, go east (that's toward Elba) for about 2 miles to Ham Methodist Church.  The church will be on your right.  Park in the front yard, walk under the power line to the first light pole (still going east).  You will see a faint clearing to your right, go up some 20 feet to another clearing (looks like a fire lane) turn right and go up almost to the top of the hill.  You can see the grave stones to your left right near the top of the hill.  From where you park your car the complete distance will be less than a hundred yards.

 If I'm not confusing you too much, after you leave the Driskell cemetery when you come to the next hill, start looking to your right.  You will pass a small scope of woods and then there is a big field  still on your right.  There is a big tree in the SW corner of the field on a high knoll (looks like an old house place).  As late as this century, this field is referred to as the Brannen field.  The man who told me this story is still living.  At one time he lived on the hill where I told you to start looking.  He remembers there being about thirty graves in the Driskell Cemetery and also a road that when up to that house place where it met the road that went to Elba,   The other end of the road went through what is now woods and came out at Bullock.  Probably 3 miles through there.

I was lucky enough to be contacted by e-mail by Randy Parker of Alabama.  He mentioned that his grandfather used to send him and his father to keep up the cemetery where Sampson and Pricilla are buried.  He and his friend, Meredith Sterling, visited the cemetery recently, and Meredith took some photos.  Randy was kind enough to forward them to me, and I've included them below.  Many thanks to Randy and Meredith.  Randy has also provided some good directions to the Sampson gravesite:

Leaving Elba, take Highway 189 North to Brantley. Using the Evergreen Cemetery as the land mark set your trip odometer to zero.The cemetery is impossible to miss it's on both sides of the road so you drive right thru it. At exactly 4.2 miles you will see a dirt road to the left.  The dirt road is Coffee county road 359.  Turn on to the dirt road and stop at the entrance. Look to your right and you will see a yellow steel gate. It's and old logging road. Proceed up the hill for about 100 yards, look to your left about twenty or thirty feet and you will see the cemetery. 


As you can see, this appears to be Sampson's tombstone.  The photo below shows the five tombstones in the small cemetery.  According to Randy, "I'm assuming number one and four are Noah and Pricilla. Number two is definitely Synthia and number three is Sampson. Sampson, Pricilla and Noah are all named on the large headstone. Noah- died 1854, Sampson- 1855 and Pricilla 1856. "  See below:

I believe that "Synthia" who is named "Synthia Hudson" on the headstone is probably one of Sampson and Pricilla's children, buried alongside her parents.  Below is her headstone, again courtesy of Randy and Meredith:


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