Joe & Hazel Brannen's Posterity

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Joe and Hazel Brannen were my grandparents. I was inspired to create these webpages dedicated to them because of a book written back in the 50's by a distant cousin named N. Quinton Brannen of Fort Worth. I was privileged to have met Quinton as a youngster on several occasions as he visited my grandparents. I've been told that Granddaddy went with Quinton back to Alabama during the time Quinton was gathering information for his book, Brannen History (published circa 1953) [see info at bottom of page if you want to view this book in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format], in the early 50's and perhaps the late 40's. Much of the information printed below up through the mid-50's comes directly from his book. In the preface to the book, Quinton wrote these words, "for a more complete family history, it is my greatest hope that another descendant may feel the urge to carry on this research to its culmination."

Well, that would indeed be a heavy burden, if actually carried through! With my job and family obligations, there is no way I could research all the various branches of the family tree. But I felt that I could at least maintain a genealogy of my grandfather's branch, and maybe, someday, my great-grandfather's whole branch. So that is what I have attempted to set out below. I've depended upon much information from other of my grandparents' descendants, and I can only apologize for any errors which may have crept in. I would truly enjoy any feedback you could give me on this and I can always be reached at Just click on the link immediately below.....

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The information on this page is meant to give a quick background of the three generations of Brannen ancestors who preceded my grandfather: his father, Jasper, his grandfather, Harris, and his great-grandfather, Sampson. At the end of this page is a link that will take you to the beginning of my grandfather's posterity.

Sampson Brannen, Sr. (Joe Brannen's great-grandfather)

When Quinton did his research, he went back as far as Sampson Brannen, who was born in 1800 in a part of Georgia which is now in Alabama. He married Priscilla Gordon in the early 1820's. She was born in Georgia in 1809. They made their home at a vast estate known as Brannen Old Stand about six miles southeast of Bullock Alabama, in Coffee County. Sampson died in 1856, and Priscilla followed him in death in 1857. They had the following children, all born in Coffee County, Alabama.  Click here to see directions to Sampson Brannen's grave.

  • Harris C. Brannen (Born 1/1/1824) (Joe's grandfather) see details below

  • Lucy Ann Brannen (Born 10/24/1825)

  • Puss Brannen (Born 1827)

  • Cynthia Brannen (Born 1828)

  • Joseph Brannen (Born 4/2/1829)

  • Martha Brannen (Born 4/2/1831)

  • Harriet Brannen (Born 4/14/1832)

  • Noah Brannen (Born 1834)

  • Charles Brannen (Born 1836)

  • Molsie Brannen (Born 11/1837)

  • Richmond Brannen (Born 1839)

  • Jasper Brannen (Born 1846)


Harris C. Brannen (Joe Brannen's grandfather)

Harris, as noted above, was the eldest child of Sampson and Priscilla. He grew to manhood on his father's plantation and eventually owned his own plantation in the days before the Civil War. Harris married Mary Annie Driskell (born August 1826) about January of 1845. They were active members of the Primitive Baptist Church of their community, civic leaders, and successful ranchers. On March 13, 1863, Harris enlisted into the Confederate Service, and was mustered in at Camp Curry. Records show that he was a drummer in Company F 30th Alabama. After the war, in October of 1888, Mary Annie was thrown from a buggy by a runaway horse and killed, interestingly enough, as she and Harris were returning from a funeral. Harris died 11/23/05 in Bullock, Alabama. Harris and Annie are both buried in the Driskell Cemetery about 2.5 miles south of Bullock.  Click here for directions to the Driskell Cemetery and Harris Brannen's grave.

Harris C. Brannen (photo courtesy of Jack & Pat Brannen)

Scene from Driskell Cemetery (photo courtesy of  Margaret Boykin and Ruth Harbison)

Harris Brannen's Grave (photo courtesy of Margaret Boykin and Ruth Harbison)

Grave of Mary Ann Driskell Brannen (photo courtesy of Margaret Boykin and Ruth Harbison)


They had the following fourteen children, all born in Bullock, Alabama.

  • Calvin L. Brannen (born 12/7/1845, died 1/8/11)

  • Priscilla Brannen (born 1847)

  • Harris L. (Bud) Brannen (born 8/16/1848, died 3/7/14)

  • Sampson A. Brannen (born 2/23/1850, died 6/23/23)

  • Mary E. Brannen (born 1852, died 10/30)

  • Lucy Ann Brannen (born 1854, died 4/24/26)

  • Noah Brannen (born 4/11/1856, died 5/6/12)

  • William M. (Bill) Brannen (born 7/8/1858, died 11/29/35)

  • Joseph Nathaniel Brannen (born 4/16/1860, died 8/9/1920)

  • Charley R. Brannen (born 7/10/1862, died 1/8/60)

  • Charlotte Brannen (born 1/24/1866, died 3/7/50)

  • Richmond Brannen (born ?)

  • Jasper (Jap) Brannen (born 8/8/1871, died 10/27/56) (Joe's father and my great grandfather)  Click on link to read about Jasper Brannen

  • Andrew J. Brannen (born 11/5/1873, died after 1953)

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